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    ODD Running IN??

    Hey has anyone heard of this idea??
    It tries to explain why u should ignore the manufacturer running in procedure and just hammer the engine during the run in period. Im going to follow what the manuel (RXT) says to do which is vary speed and limit it to 3/4 throttle.
    What do use rekon of this?

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    I followed his recommedations.

    Manufactures must cater to a wide audience. The KISS philosophy is usually applied to this audience. Then there is a smaller audience that implements an alternative method. Reading that web page he not only provides the recommendations but the ideology behind it. I read that page a couple of times, summarized it and took it with me on the maiden voyage.
    Seadoo takes a conservative approach most likely for several reasons. The first is safety. Imagine a newbie to the jetski world just going out, grabbing the throttle and hanging on. Following the seadoo procedure the rider gets familiarized with the ski.

    On my RXT I noticed an incrememental increase of the RPMs over time.
    first was between 3 to5 (limited 7850)
    second was over 10 (limited to around 7950)
    third was over 20 (finally saw 8140)

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