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    will this crankshaft work

    Hi guys,

    Will the crank off a 1050 work for a 900? is the bore the only difference between the two engines (put simply). If so I can get a good one for 450 in Ottawa, just making sure.

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    I believe so because since sbt sells the same crank for both and the timing for a 900 and 1050 are the same.

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    im pretty sure , but better yet call the sharps or brian

    randy is mia

    ya know buy it anyway , im pretty dame sure it will work hell even if you bought virage racers 1050 cly set , you could sell your 2 good 900 clys to even out the cost , then buy a topend , then you would have that 120 hp youve been wanting ,

    but im almost dead sure that the 1050 and 900 are the same crank i see em advertised as both just different bore clys ,

    the person you are buying from should know ! but buy it anyway , people spend 500 $ to get em rebuilt
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