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    SAVE YOUR HULL spray deflector install

    When reading the instructions for the spray deflector or splash guard there is a note stating you can drill thru the hull.

    It is EXTREMELY easy to do.
    To prevent this during my install I tool the shaft of a ball point pen and made a template, if you will. After sliding the drill bit thru one of the existing holes +1/8 of an inch mark the drill bit with a sharpie.
    Tool the drill bit and inserted it all the way into the drill. Then cut the pen shaft to the distance between the mark and the teeth of the drill.

    It sounds kinda corny but would hate to see a post " Drilled thru the hull during install"


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    Yes, that's why I noted that in the instructions. I have drilled into, but thankfully not through the hull. Just don't get in a hurry to get the holes drilled. Nothing feels worse than pushing on the drill to get done quicker only to feel the bit shoot through the rub rail into the hull.

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    During the process I had to stop and make a list of parrot food I needed to order. While I was writing the pen became a sacrifical experiment.

    Also, today it was 85 degrees. The trimming of the bumper was EXTREMELY easy. At 65 it was somewhat difficult. Not impossible just more difficult.

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