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    Salt Water Engine Precautions

    If I was to purchase an engine that has run in salt water, what precautions should I take? The intercooler would be getting thrown out and a new j-pipe and waterbox would be going on it. The supercharger would probably be changed and the stock air intake would be getting tossed as well. Anything I should worry about/service before running it? Is it less reliable even though it's a closed loop cooling system?

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    Exhaust manifold is the only other thing that see's salt.

    Check all the electrical connectors for corrosion from splash.

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    i've never worked on a ski that wasn't 100% salt water ridden.

    i've never OWNED a ski that wasn't 99% salt water ridden

    i work in a shop, i see tons of rich people with ez ports jsut throwing their 4-tecs on the dock and leaving it and neglecting it and then bringing it in for service.... the motor withstands the salt water fine... i personally prefer the skis before 06 because that hardware held up the best on the motors and didn't turn to chit like these new skis are now with neglect

    the intercooler would be my only concern... everything else, even the exhaust, i've seen used and abused with salt water sitting in them forever never flushed with hundreds of hours, never a salt related exhaust failure.

    salt water vs fresh water has no impact on the supercharger really... unless there is astronomical buildup on the SC impeller from oil and salt and crap then i'd be leary of any imbalance over time stressing the bearings on the SC shaft

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