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Thread: Helmets?????

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    What helmets are you guys useing and where did you get it?? I know all you need is a DOT approved helmet to reace but are the watercraft ones better then the motocross ones? What is the difference and where the hell do you find someone that has the watercraft ones??

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    Not sure what the difference between motocross and watercraft helmets, but I use a Thor motocross one and I think it works just fine.

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    One rider wears a shoei and some others were Bell motocross

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    these have been recommended by Way2fast... and I`d like on of these as well. the site is not functioning properly, so you`ll have to e-mail or call them!...PR...

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    Mark, got a pic of your helmet?...PR...

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    Excuse the ogre in this pic. It's a SHOEI X-eleven Norick-graphics. It is very soft and padded inside. The foam on the cheeks is super soft, and doesn't bind. I've often heard you either have a "Shoei head, or an Arai Head." Wearers of either helmet can't believe the other is actually comforatble to the wearer. But it is true. If you wear a Shoei, the RX900 were a good helmet, and in plentiful supply. The RX1000 were a little cramped, and were similar to Arai to me. The X-eleven is closer to the Rx900 in fit. The x-eleven also has removable inner liner, making cleaning a snap...literally. You can pic up a rf700-900 for under $100 on ebay, and usually a used x-eleven for under $150. New is around $450 They are all very very quiet at high speeds compared to no helmet or a motocross helmet.

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