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    BVIC ECU Break-in calibration facts

    Today I'm sitting at work just reading.. i have every 4-tec technical update book from 2003 - 2007, and felt like furthering my knowledge. There was always alot of myth and speculation about ECUs during break-in... well here's what I got so far:

    the BVIC (215HP) motor has a 5 hour break in mode (the BV (185HP) and NA (155HP) do NOT)

    this for SURE aplpies to 2004-2005 models.... i'm still reading and cross referencing multiple years..

    • first 2 hours the ignition timing is retarded 6 degrees and has 5% more fuel
    • the next 2-5 hours the ignition timing and fuel will progressively go to stock settings
    • after 5 hours, the unit will perform normally
    i know this is irrelevant since there's no one with a brand new 04-05 motor and ecu starting to break in your machine, but thought it was interesting regardless..

    if i find textual fact on 06-07 models i will post back

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    Great info Shibby. That's what we like around here, solid facts! I had heard about the 6 degree/+5% fuel before, but it always seemed like speculation as to exactly when things were supposed to slide back into normal params. I think this needs to make its way into the GH newbie sticky threads.

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    Great info Steve

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    With my RXT 07 I have seen RPM and acceration differences at around 5 hours (7840 rpm), 10 hours (7950 RPM) and definitely 20 hours (8140 RPM)

    Keep that info flowing...

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