I just got this email from his wife Donna. If anyone can help please shoot her an email at: lescooke@bigpond.net.au

Hi Guys we have had a huge amount of interest in Les's performance products from Greenhulk members, its been fantastic and everyone is really nice.
We were wondering if any of your members would have contacts within car and truck rentals business.
We are currently working out the cost for Les to come over to Arizona for the World Finals and we are looking for any assistance to cut down our costs the main thing being rental of a semi rigid truck with a lift to transport possibly 3 skis a 12 seater van and a chevy blazer. We will need these vehicles from 18/09/06 to 10/10/06. Renting from the LA area. Les will be hoping to bring over a heap of product including some new mods he is working on. So this should save on freight costs for you guys.

Thanks again for all of the Green Hulk members support

Donna Cooke