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    NGK replacement for the PMR9B ??

    Somebody mentioned in another thread that NGK was working on a better plug to replace the PMR9B's. Does anyone know if this is correct and how long it will be before we see this new plug ??

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    use the CR9EK

    CR9EK, used on the 15F are perfect.
    platinium doesn't like idle, nor temp shocks...

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    CR9EK is a multi ground plug though. Not sure how this would affect performance on a ultra 250.

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    I believe Iridium CR9EIX's are used on the 15f, Kawi says the double platinum are required and some people say they had rpm loss with the iridiums. Anyway, that was not the question... the question is is there going to be a more durable direct replacement for the PMR9's ??

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    No, he's right. The CR9EK is used on the 15F. I went and looked at parts diagram on kawasakis website. But it is a double ground plug instead of the single ground like the PMR9B and I'm concerned how that would affect performance.

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    I asktually spoke with my dealer today and asked if he would try and find out the replacement for 2008. We'll see if he can pull through.

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    OK, words from R&D Performance.

    Bill Chapin has been running the NGK CR9EK with screw on post connections.

    This goes against what I have been told but as it seems Bill has been running them for over six months with not a single one fouling.

    So ya guessed it, thats what is in my boat and is rumored to be in the 08 models. From what I understand the 08 model will have wires similar to the 15F boots.

    Cant wait to get to Havasu and tear into one......

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    The CR9EK's are still 6.00 each and I would think the iridium CR9EIX's would be a better performance plug, they are 7.00 each. Anybody running the EK's do back to back rpm testing ??

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    Stock plugs lasted 27 hrs.I switched to the CR9EIX plugs and they perform the same so far!

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    I Was Told By The Dealer Today To Use Cr9eix. They Said That They Can Only Be Used For 20 Before The Porcleain Breaks Down And Falls Into The Engine... They Were Told By Kawi To Use These... Is This A Good Idea To Use Them?

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