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Thread: Losing Power

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    Losing Power

    my gpr 1300 03 seems to not be pulling very well ,or i am just getting used to the power ,or what else could it be ,not sure if a d plate is fitted by previous owner but i bought it with 65 hours so i doubt it.(COULD BE A CAT PROBLEM)its supposed to have a upgraded impellor but how can i tell without taking it all apart,can anyone help PLEASE

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    remove the intake grate and with a flash light you'll be able to spin the prop and see if its after market and you'll be able to see the pitch on the hub,, its really uncomfortable thought.

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    Thanks But What Do You Mean By Pitch On The Hub

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    There are markings on it. It should say 13/19 or 14/20. Also check the color of the nose cone.

    For the power loss check the wear ring/impeller housing clearence.

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    Hey there Nobby

    To quickly check if the prop is standard or not..

    Lay under the ski and again shine a flashlight into the intake grate..

    If you can see a nut shape on the nose of the impeller it's almost certainly the stock one..!!

    By "nut shape" i mean where you'd use a wrench on it, and NOT a testicle..!!

    You should be able to see this without stripping anything off.??


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