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Thread: mfd no rpms

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    mfd no rpms

    hay there dose ne one know y i not geting rpms on my mfd every thing else is working fine i have a polaris 785 pro thanks 4 your help

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    First make sure your bilge and trim motor are operational with the engine running. If they are operational it indicates the signal wire for the tach is working as it trips the LR31.
    Check to make sure the yellow wire from the electrical board to the MFD is attached and not broken anywhere along the way. If that is all in good working order the tach should work.
    Another quick test is to measure the yellow wire at the MFD for a tach signal, if you have one the MFD is bad.
    Pay particular attention to broken or bent pins at the connectors and back of the MFD.

    Let us know what you find!!

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    hay i had to bypass the power 4 the bilge pump and the trim because they were not working when the motor was runing the little black box that tells it that the motor is running was buggered if that makes ne sence do u have ne ferther segestions 4 me

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