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    blaster 701 upgrades

    So I'm looking to get a littl emore muscle out of my Blaster...couple questions. It's completely stock as it is right now. Looking to spend a couple hundred bucks over the winter to give it a little more gusto. so...

    - aftermarket high compression head - will I get any noticeable gain running 92 octane and a high comp head without an upgraded pipe?

    - should I just spend the money on a new pipe and start there?

    Looking for some ideas. Would like to keep my budget in the $500 to 700 range (so factory pipe is well within means...)

    Primarily a river rider more towards the freestyle side. Not racing this boat but would like to get the speed up.

    Thanks guys.

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    We have a 94 Blaster that was just like new. The best mod, BAR NONE, was simply installing a Factory Pipe Mod pipe, and jetting the carb to their specifications. It was like a whole new animal, very quick, responsive, and it didn't hurt fuel usage at all. We've since moved on to a bigger engine and ect, but the one biggest gain was that simple change. We GPS'ed it at 49mph with it totally stock but with the pipe and jets.

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