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    Question Correct PV set up on 1200R

    Hi guys,

    Thanks to Phil for the power valves, arrived very quickly, and thanks to Brad for the waveeater clips and couplers.

    Now the question, I am going to fit the couplers tomorrow night (wednesday) and want to make sure the valve set up is correct. Any one know of the correct procedure? I have been told a 4/5mm drill bit through the wheel into hole in cylinder three. Is it just a case of then adjusting cables or leaving them where they were? Any help much appreciated.


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    I checked mine after the clip and coupler install. Insert the bit and it should engage the hole remove and cycle the valves with the start switch and make sure it returns to the same location.

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    The best way to set them up is with the head off.

    Line them up with the end cylinder and hole in the PV wheel, then look in the bores at the exhaust port to ensure that all valves are fully down.

    Check all the slop in the linkages and adjust so there isn't any. #1 will normally lag behind the rest due to slop in all the linkages, so this needs to be eliminated.

    With the head off you can see this on the valves. One other thing I done is to put a small allen key or drill in the slot by the coupler on no.1 cylinder and you can then check for slop in all the linkages by holding this and moving the PV wheel.

    I then marked the PV wheel so I could tell were it needs to be for the PVs to be fully closed.

    I then took the cover off the PV motor adjusted out the slack in the cables (1mm of slack specified by the manual).

    Then turn the PV motor untill the PVs are fully open. ie stick your finger up the exhaust port to ensure the things are fully up. Then mark on the PV wheel this point. So you can check easily at a later point.

    Then turn over the motor so that the PVs cycle and check that they fully open and close by looking at the marks you made on the PV wheel.

    Well that what I have just done and I now know that there is no slop in the linkages and that they fully close and open on all 3 cylinders.

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