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    GPS for my RXP ?

    Hi...I am new to the forums..I just bought a 2006 RXP (red) I am wondering what GPS do you recommend and also any suggestions on where/how to mount it...thanks a lot

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    Welcome to the forums!

    I have the etrek legend. I don't care about watching it when I ride so I stick it in the compartment behind the gauges with some padding to keep it from bouncing around. It works great through the plastic and it's better protected from water. Some people buy mounts and all that, I find it too hard to read when flying across the water at 68 mph so i just hide it.

    Good luck! Enjoy the site.

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    I use the Garmin eTrex. Works pretty good and its waterproof.

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    You can actually go to the website and get the same piece that is on the gtx limited that holds the gps on the storage box. Pretty cheap to actually. Just an idea.

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    Ok Thanks a lot.. Does the piece that is on the GTX fit on the RXP and also does it only fit the Garmin 76 GPS ? thanks in advance!

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    The GTX-LTD glove box lid only holds the Garmin MAP76 series. It is a different lid then the one on the RXP.

    I don't know if anyone makes one that will fit the RXP.

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    Garmin Etrex I think Is what I have with the handelbar ram mounts. Works great If you don't mind it on the handelbars.

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    I went to some races in Tampa and saw a foreman 201 that velcrows to your wrist or around your handlebars.

    Looked real sweet and has charger to recharge batteries.

    I bought one yesterday for $116 dollars with free shipping and a 30 dollar mail in rebate.

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