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    New toy for lake

    I'm about to close on a house on a medium size ski lake(63 acres). I have a sea doo gti already and was considering getting another toy and thought about either a gp1300, Rxp or maybe a stand up like a superjet. Has anyone ridden a stand up lately and are they more fun than say a 2 seat sit down. I used to ride only stand up's in the late 80's as a kid, but have not ridden one since, and frankly can't remember if there worth revisiting. Any input would be appreciated.

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    63 acres, stand up for sure.
    You will run out of room quickly on an RXP heck even on the GTi.

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    Are they as fun as I remember? Or are the new 2 and 3 seaters more fun? BTW the lake may actually be a bit bigger than I thought( seems to be a pretty good size). Thanks.

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    check with a guy named K2snowman....

    He is more seen on the general discussions and rides standups.... I wanna say Superjets????

    He speaks in only ebonics and is kinda difficult to understand but has some experience with them and may be able to point you in the right direction.... overall good guy

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    And on second thought.... roughly 60 football fields of lake isn't exactly tiny.... good amount of room. I gotta answer the question with a question and ask what is the general chop level of the lake.... a lot of wake from boats/wind??? Usually flat/glass-like??? If you live on a lake that is mostly glass with hardly any wake then I would say definitely no stand up... boring without wake. If you have glass get an rxp-x, throw a few mods of it and feel what it is like to FLY across the water at 70+. If there is chop but not rolling wake maybe an RXT...

    Depends on the condition of the lake

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    There is only 1 or 2 boats out at most on this lake at a time. So mostly glass with very little chop or waves. Are these stand ups as fun as say an RXP or GP1300 I can't remember it's been so long?

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    IMO if I had a standup I wouldn't wanna run it unless I had wake...

    They aren't built for the constant glass and to be running hot laps with.... tear outta the hole to hit wake and are incredibly light.

    If I was you I would invest in an RXP.... or if you got the cash RXP-x...

    It is the fastest stock boat(unitl the 1800 CC beast comes out) and I can guarantee you that you wont regret it!!!

    Plus when you get the mod fever yu can make it faster and more reliable with some add ons!!!

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