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    How do you setup for A/F ratio?

    I would like to add an a/f ratio gauge to my ski...

    As I understand it...I would have to have a 'bunge' (probably spelled incorrectly) welded into my J Pipe and then hook up the appropriate guage...does anyone know of someone that might mod my J Pipe for a fee, someone with successful experience at this? As I understand it, this is a tricky weld becasue the J Pipe is double walled...? Are there any other hardware mods to be done?

    Anything else I should know about this adventure...?

    As always I appreciate any advice and/or info...thanks ahead of thime!

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    I believe HOSS was modifying J-pipes with bungs. Then again where is HOSS, have not seen him on forum lately.

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    a/f gauge

    Is there room to move the J pipe back about two inchs if you go to the shorty waterbox?
    It would be easy to make a spacer between the manifold and J pipe and thread an O2 sensor in the spacer.
    You woul djust need one more band clamp

    Ive done it lots to retrofit automotive fuel injection on marine motors

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    Why don'T you guys just hook it up to the OEM sensors on the exhaust...?

    I think some will work ok when hooked to oxygen sensors, or exhaust gas temp...

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    a wide band air fuel meter works of an oxygen sensor just like your car,
    The difference is in the sensor to wider range of ratios.

    These are not closed loop systems and don't have the proper sensor,.
    It needs to be added in as hot a spot as possible.
    The sensor is also heated

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    Brian at BTTEK1 will handle it for u he has a guy!
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