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    Will 07 C180 intake grate fit on 06 C180

    I have an 06 C180 with the Inlet Clearance System which is basically a three tine intake grate with a hinge and solenoid actuator.
    Looks like in 07 they changed back to the good old two tine fixed grate and dropped the crappy ICS idea.
    Does anyone know if an 07 grate P/N: 204120294 will bolt on in place of the 06 ICS grate P/N: 204120308.

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    I am really desperate to find out if this will work or not, because I just discovered that my pump support has ripped off again, FOR THE THIRD TIME
    I knew when I started this thread it would only be a matter of time.

    How did you expect a crappy piece of plastic, held on with three bolts, was going to stay there with the pressure generated by scooping up water at 50 mph.... THATS JUST DUMB!!! I am no engineer but I would have had the sense to make it MMEETTAALL But I think the supercharger clutches are proof that BRP hates metal.

    Sorry end of rant.

    I would have the dealer replace the pump support and shoe again but what would be the point. It would only rip off again.

    At this point I am fairly certain that I will never buy another BRP product but I also cannot afford to dump this one and buy the new Yamaha SX230 I should have purchased in the first place.

    If no one knows for sure that the grate can be retrofited could I at least impose upon someone who owns an 07 C180 to give me a measurement from the center of the front grate bolt to the middle of the rear three's center bolt.

    Thanks alot.

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