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    Need pic of properly adjusted ICS grate

    I had removed mine to test some stuff and, while I know where it was when I removed it, I am not sure it was properly adjusted to begin with. As far as height goes it can actually be raised and lowed by turning the threaded fitting attached to the ICS cable.
    I would appreciate if anyone with a strong running jet boat equipped with ICS could share a picture with me or at least describe how far the trailing edges of the three tines were from the pump support.
    Mine from the factory was about an inch above the pump support insert(the scoop held on with three bolts) When I say above I mean as viewed from the bottom of the boat of course.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Holy crap!!! I was just looking at the BRP online parts catalog and came to find that there is no ICS on the 2007 model sport boats!!!
    The grate they use is just the good old two tine from way back.

    Can anyone tell me if the 2007 grate will fit on the 2006 C180.

    I got rid of my ICS grate hoping for performance increase of which there were none. I left it off cause it looks like it will easily break.

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