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    The adventures on Lewi.....

    Well for those of you lucky guys that made it to houston instead of riding's what you missed.

    Blake and I rode the creek, had a great time, found a few stumps, but no damage to the skis. I managed to ride it with little fear on the way out, on the way in I was pretty cautious because I had no idea what was in there.

    We ended up in party cove where the real fun begins. We were flagged down by some girl on about a 40ft yacht. We drank a bunch of their beer, ran some game, got some numbers and then it really got interesting after we split ways. I was heading back to have a beer with my folks and we see a jet ski die.

    Well on this jet ski were two girls we were just partying with that blake told to go get gas before the docks closed. They didn't listen. So I sling shot them onto the beach.

    Well they end up having parked somewhere between party cove and pier 121...who knows where. But their friends couldn't tow them over there because they already docked the yacht. Since then (yes this is till on going at 10PM) I've had few calls saying they are scared someone will do something to them out at the marina, and they don't know how their mustang will pull the jet ski out.

    Well I just got the final phone call about this whole dillemma. It turns out my marina manager and her husband helped pull them out, they're all safe. No one was hurt, but it's a great laugh.

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    o good times we had sunday! ready for more.

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    Sounds like a party I shouldn't have missed. Glad ya'll took care of it. I'll catch you guys soon!

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    Alright guys, tomorrw I'll be out on Lewi about 3pm. Are we going to do this weekend right?

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