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    Oil and Coolant Recommendations Please...

    My jetski's all back together! WOOHOO! A big thanks to 9secZO6 for his advice and lending me the engine aligment tool.

    I know it's been asked a thousand times before but is there a coolant and somekind of oil that I can just buy at the store that is not going to cost me an arm and a leg, that is safe for the rxp?

    Where can I get it?

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    IMHO, if you want the cheapest go with BRP, I wouldn`t run any off the shelf that`s not synthetic.

    and antifreeze, Prestone, shell, or any other good 50/50 mix antifreeze!...PR...

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    BRP is the cheapest then? I thought it was more expensive.

    A gallon of two stroke for my rxdi is friggin 45-50 dollars at the dealer

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    Quote Originally Posted by yellow4 View Post
    BRP is the cheapest then? I thought it was more expensive.

    A gallon of two stroke for my rxdi is friggin 45-50 dollars at the dealer
    I thought you were asking about 4 stroke oil? anyways before I pay that for 2 smoke, I would by Amsoil interceptor...

    I remember alot of members use to use castrol 10W40 automotive oil, really without problems, but--- it`s not jaso ma, jaso ma2 rated...
    and with all the sc clutch hype it is just best to use BRP or more costly synthetics. I currently run Amsoil synths with one of jerry`s K&N oil filters since we are always pushing the 4-tecs...

    personnaly I would put automotive oils in the ski, our engines rev alot higher for longer durations and the auto oils don`t have the correct additive packages in them for Marine enviroment!...PR...

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    yes, I was asking about the 4 tec oil. Sorry, I was just saying in comparision to the two strokes, the two stroke oil per gallon is 40 dollars,

    So I expected to the 4 tec synthetic to be if that and more...

    Sorry for the confusion.

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    If you have a supercharged engine Do Not run the Sea-Doo synthetic. Run their petroleum oil. If you want to run a synthetic you can use AMSOIL Marine 10w-40 oil. It is safe for the supercharger. There are a bunch of guys here that have run the Marine Oil and the 10w-40 motorcycle oil with the supercharged engines.

    Prices listed are Retail for Preferred Customer pricing PM, EM or Call me.

    Amsoil Marine Oil Safe for the Sea-Doo's
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