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    K38 Water Safety

    Shawn use this thread to post.

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    Wow, thank you so much!

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    United Warrior Survivor Foundation

    Nick is a dear friend of mine, I met him when I was training at the Amphib base on Coronado, this is certainly a worthy group to support. There are no politics involved, just a promise 'The Promise Keepers', help them help the surviving children and spouses of those lost. Blessings to all,

    September '07 United Warrior Survivor Foundation
    "Greater love has no one than this,
    that he lay down his life for his friends."..John 15:13

    Annual West Coast Survivors Conference - October 2007

    A Time To Heal

    West Coast Survivor's Conference

    October 25-29, 2007

    The death of U.S. Navy SEAL Neil Roberts and other members of the ensuing rescue mission in Afghanistan was the driving force and motivation behind the formation of the grassroots non-profit United Warrior Survivor Foundation in 2002.

    Nick Rocha, a Navy SEAL, who served with Neil Roberts on SEAL Team Two, and Eric Knirk, a Southern California businessman, founded the organization to support the surviving spouses of Special Operations personnel whose worlds are forever changed by the ultimate sacrifice of their hero. For the women and children who must rebuild their vision of the future from scratch, recovering from such a loss can take years, or even decades.

    UWSF helps ease the fears of transitioning to a new life through specialized grief counseling, assistance with emergency home and auto repairs, financial management seminars, help in navigating and deciphering the government benefits maze, and other needs. UWSF enables the women to speak as one, on their own behalf and to impact the decision-makers in Congress and in the military for the necessary changes. Most significantly, though, UWSF touches the lives of the spouses both individually and collectively. Comfort baskets and quarterly outreaches remind the women that they are not forgotten.

    UWSF sponsors the Bi-annual Conferences (Survivor Reunions) bringing together widowed spouses and their children from across the country. These weekend-long get-togethers provide a unique venue for the women to honor their husbands publicly while privately sharing their own ups and downs, learning from each other, and building a new sense of community. In addition to informational and educational seminars, the peer-to-peer mentoring reduces their feelings of isolation, helps generate a sense of identity and plants the seeds of hope that they will, one day, live again.

    West Coast Survivors' Reunion Oct 25-29 2007

    UWSF will host the 6th annual West Coast Conference on October 25 through October 29, 2007. The event will be held at the beautiful Manchester Grand Hyatt in downtown San Diego. The weekend has been dubbed the "Survivor's Reunion" by the women themselves. UWSF invites as many survivor's as possible to be our guest and to just "get away from it all". The costs of airfare, hotel accommodations and meals are covered by the foundation. The weekend includes several workshops intended to help the women deal with specific life issues associated with the loss of a fallen hero.

    Thus far, the seminars planned include:

    A presentation by Financial Planner and Advisor Janice Thompson CFP, MSFS of Strategic Financial Solutions, Inc.
    Grief Sessions with Pauline Laurent, CPCC, author of "Grief Denied"
    Benefits assistance information provided by Brad Snyder of AFSC
    Healing Yourself - Strategies for Healthy Grieving by Valerie Lombardo - Licensed Counselor/Master Yogi/Professional Chef
    A Self Defense class taught by Navy SEALs
    We cannot emphasize enough the power of the peer-to-peer interaction and the impact it has on the lives of these ladies. We are grateful to the immeasurable support we receive both from individuals and corporations without whom we would be unable to serve this deserving community.

    This year with the help and support of South Bay YMCA and Robert & Sue Sutherland, our young survivors will also be enjoying two fun-filled days of activities specifically planned for them.

    'The survivor reunions bring all of us together and we form this amazing
    bond. Before my first reunion, I would wake up in the mornings and wonder
    how I was going to make it through another day, feeling all alone in what
    I was facing. I left that reunion renewed and with a new group of friends
    that are walking this path along with me. UWSF gives us the chance to come
    together, share experiences, and help one another through the grieving
    process. That is priceless and has truly changed my life.' --An Army Special Forces surviving spouse

    Veteran's Day Charity Golf Event - November 9, 2007

    Your generous support translates into direct assistance for young men and women whose military family members are victims of the war on terrorism. We hope you will find it in your hearts to invest in their future.

    On behalf of these worthy recipients, we thank you in advance for your participation!

    When: November 9, 2007
    Where: Riverfront Golf Club
    5200 River Club Drive
    Suffolk, VA 23435
    Shotgun Start: 8:30am
    Lunch: 12:30pm
    Fee: $100.00 per person includes: cart, fees, prizes, range balls, breakfast, lunch and goodie bag
    Payment due: October 31, 2007

    A group of local government and industry leaders known as Golfers United in the Cause of Freedom and Patriotism (GUITCOFAP), are sponsoring our 4th Annual fundraising event and have again chosen to support the families of U.S. Special Operations Warriors.

    On-line registration.

    For more information, please contact David Moretti via email or cell (757) 617-8921.

    Big Bear Golf Tournament
    Sandy's Sports Bar and GolfGym Rally Patriotic Golfers to Raise over $10,000 for UWSF!

    Sandy's Sports Bar, along with a helping hand from GolfGym, put on the biggest fundraising golf event ever held at Big Bear Lake. On Friday, August 3rd, 2007, the challenging 9-hole Big Bear Golf Course was home to the First Annual Big Bear United Warrior Survivors Foundation (UWSF) Charity Golf Classic.

    The 52 participating golfers, exhibiting their Big Bear patriotic spirit, played the 9-hole course twice, helping to raise more than $10,000 for UWSF. The event was so popular that 25 additional golfers were signed up on the waiting list.

    Brian and Debbie Cramer, owners of Sandy's Sports Bar, sold 40 hole sponsorships at $50 each; and Fred Valco's college buddies sponsored the "whole darn course" with a check for $750.

    Sue McManus put her heart and soul into the tournament and the prize patrol. Refusing to take no for an answer, Sue secured donated prizes from more than 100 local businesses ranging from a $15 gift certificate for Phil's Automotive, to a lavish weekend getaway at a local Bed and Breakfast. "We couldn't have done it without Sue," added Brian Cramer. "Her enthusiasm and tenacity were incredible".

    "In an era of huge corporate fund raising for charities of all kinds, it is really inspiring to see real people put real effort into fund raising for a really great organization", said Ken Pierce, President of GolfGym LLC -- who by the way, won the Long Drive contest.

    The Rick Amato Show
    UWSF is proud to announce that Radio Talk Show host Rick Amato will co-chair our annual 2008 Stars In Stripes Charity Golf Tournament to be held at Coronado Municipal Golf Course May 31, 2008.

    The Rick Amato Show is broadcast Monday-Friday on KCBQ AM 1170 in San Diego, California from 9:00 PM to 11:00 PM.

    Rick Amato Talk Show
    Article Headline

    Contact Information
    phone: 619-437-1137 Join our mailing list!

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    United Warrior Survivor Foundation | P.O. Box 181097 | Coronado | CA | 92178-1097

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    This is not good for any boater, please support the AWA

    Earlier this week we informed you of an opportunity to restore the 34 year old common sense provision to the Clean Water Act exempting recreational boaters from a nightmarish scheme of purchasing “Federal Pollution Permits,” Under a court order, starting September 30, 2008 you must purchase a “Federal Permit” in every state you operate your watercraft in.

    We asked you to educate your U.S. Senator on why this was a bad idea for the environment and American families, and to urge them to support the Nelson Amendment.

    Senator Bill Nelson of Florida dropped his amendment to review this risky scheme in exchange for a firm commitment from California Senator Barbra Boxer to address and preserve, via legislation, the previous 34 year old exemption for recreational boating.

    AWA applauds this bi-partisan effort: Senators Nelson and Boxer have demonstrated what happens when the interests of the mainstream are put ahead of the extreme. The task for now is to ensure we have a back-up plan, and that promises are kept.

    AWA will continue to update you on this issue.

    Live Free. Think Free. Ride Free
    The American Watercraft Association


    Environmental Permit Could Cost Boaters $1,500

    Wednesday, April 18, 2007

    By Jack Innis

    How Ships Deliver Invasive Species
    According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), ballast water is taken aboard a ship and stored in tanks to add weight. For example, ballast water is often pumped into onboard tanks to stabilize the vessel as cargo is unloaded. Depending on where the ballast water is taken on board, it may be freshwater, brackish or saltwater. Water taken on board in one port might contain organisms that are not native to the next port o' call, where it might be discharged.

    Ships often need to discharge ballast water in port to lighten the vessel in order to maintain clearance under the keel in navigational channels and berthing areas or to offset additional weight resulting from the loading of cargo or fuel.

    Some aquatic invasive species - hitchhikers in ballast water - constitute a significant threat to biodiversity in the world's coastal waters. The most worrisome species have no natural predators and can easily out-compete their native counterparts for food in their new environment.

    Once established, invasive species can cause major environmental and economic harm as they multiply and spread. They can be very difficult, if not impossible, to control or eradicate following introduction into the receiving waters. Some environmental groups peg the total annual economic loss due to invasive species in the United States at nearly $137 billion.

    An idea to require discharge permits could affect recreational boaters, whether or not it was meant to.

    SACRAMENTO - Boaters in California and nationwide may be forced to pay up to $1,500 each in federal permits to combat invasive species.

    According to articles in the Sacramento Bee, the Seattle Times and other newspapers, a coalition of environmental activists in Oregon and California sued the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), charging inadequate enforcement of enforcing the 1972 federal Clean Water Act. Specifically, the Northwest Environmental Advocates charged that the agency has done too little to halt the invasion of destructive, foreign marine life, including zebra mussels and Chinese mitten crabs, which are gaining prominence in the California Delta and San Francisco Bay areas. Recently, quagga mussels were found in the California side of Lake Havasu and in Arizona's Lake Mead.

    Last September, a judge in U.S. District Court, Northern California District, ordered the EPA to develop a permit process for vessels that discharge into U.S. waters within two years. While the EPA and the shipping industry tried to limit the permit process to large ships that take on ballast water, the court apparently issued a broader order dictating that any vessel that discharges any fluid - even small recreational vessels that rely on water for engine cooling - be included.

    The permits being promoted could cost up to $1,500 each and apply to boats of any size that discharge water.

    Invasive species have been found to enter U.S. waters from distant ports via seawater ballast systems in container ships and tankers (see sidebar). They can be difficult, if not impossible, to control, and in some instances cause extensive ecological damage and damage to marine machinery. According to some estimates, ships discharge more than 21 billion gals. of ballast water annually in and near U.S. shores.

    Under current law, it is illegal to discharge ballast water into U.S. waters without a permit. But due to an exemption, recreational vessels are allowed to discharge water (effluent) from properly functioning marine engines, showers, galleys and other sources incidental to the normal operation of a vessel.

    While several recreational boating organizations' representatives report it was not the court's intention to remove pleasureboats' exemptions, apparently the baby was thrown out with the bathwater. It may take an act of Congress to reinstate the exemption.

    "Effluent is anything that comes off a boat," Duncan Neasham, a spokesman for the National Marine Manufacturers Association in Washington, D.C., told a Seattle Times reporter. "If you spill a Coke or wash your boat down, or carry a bottle of water on your kayak, you might be included."

    Neasham hopes that Con-gress will pass a law to exempt recreational boaters before

    the September 2008 deadline arrives.

    San Diego resident Arnold Neves owns a 26-ft. trailerable Skipjack and believes such a permit process, if implemented, would not help the environmentalists' cause and would become an unnecessary financial burden to recreational boaters.

    "I think anyone who targets recreational boaters with such a fee would essentially be fining them for no purpose," Neves said. "Most boaters operate within 15 or 20 miles of where they live. There is no logical connection between how boaters use their boats and the problems these environmentalists are complaining about."

    Nina Bell, executive director of the Portland-based Northwest Environmental Advocates that brought the lawsuit, told a Sacramento Bee reporter she hopes the future regulations will focus on ships and not recreational boaters.

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    Lake Havasu-Naegleria fowleri organism found

    Apparently the City conducted interview with AP yesterday (placed on the AZ central website yesterday, run on KFYI radio and website today) - and ABC News misinterpreted information today announcing closure of the Lake Havasu.

    An adolescent male had passed away from an infection later confirmed to be the result of rare exposure to Naegleria fowleri, a harmful micro-organism that is reportedly found throughout the world. Of particular concern in this case is the assumption that the exposure occurred while the boy was swimming in the waters of Lake Havasu the previous week.

    LAKE HAVASU CITY IS NOT CLOSING THE LAKE. The attached memo from the City explains the situation and the City's actions and decisions for no actions.

    Please feel free to share this information to others as needed.



    DATE: September 27, 2007

    TO: City Employees, News Outlets and Citizens of Lake Havasu City

    FROM: City Manager Richard Kaffenberger


    On September 18, 2007, Lake Havasu City was notified by the Mohave County Department of Public Health that an adolescent male had passed away from an infection later confirmed to be the result of rare exposure to Naegleria fowleri, a harmful micro-organism that is reportedly found throughout the world. Of particular concern in this case is the assumption that the exposure occurred while the boy was swimming in the waters of Lake Havasu the previous week.

    Since Lake Havasu City does not provide public health services, City officials must depend on public health professionals at the county and state level for guidance in matters related to protecting public health in our community. In addition to information-sharing and dialogue with our public health agencies, City staff is gathering research data and any other pertinent information that will assist the decision-making process. City staff has communicated with community officials in Texas and Florida that have experienced similar circumstances and we are learning from their experience and actively sharing information. State health officials have informed the City they do not feel the general populace is at risk and they are not recommending warning signs be posted at state parks or public access to Lake Havasu be restricted or otherwise controlled. The City will maintain contact with state and county health officials to monitor any changing conditions or new information.

    Discussions are currently focused on methods to increase public awareness through education about precautions people can take to lessen their chance of an encounter with harmful organisms that may exist in any source of water, including untreated wells and inadequately disinfected swimming pools. It is our sincere hope and intention that these efforts will result in a more informed public that is able to continue to recreate on and in the waters of Lake Havasu safely and without fear.


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    Stop the Spread of Quagga Mussels

    Guest Editorial - Help Stop Spread of Quagga Mussels

    Wednesday, October 03, 2007

    Although they range from microscopic to the size of a fingernail, Quagga mussels have the potential to significantly impact the environment and some of California's most treasured waterways.
    Once they become established in a body of water, the invasive species becomes virtually impossible to remove, so detecting them as early as possible can help halt their spread.

    The Department of Fish and Game, along with other state agencies including the Department of Boating and Waterways, the Department of Water Resources and California State Parks, has organized a campaign to educate the public about Quagga.

    At marinas, boat shows and California State Parks, the multi-agency task force has developed and distributed literature about the devastating impacts the mussels pose, urging water enthusiasts: "Don't Move a Mussel!" Over Labor Day weekend, the group conducted a widespread push to get the word out. And, a Web site and toll-free number were established to provide updated information about the Quagga response effort.

    The Interagency Quagga Mussel Incident Response Team meets frequently to discuss how to best educate boaters and anglers about the potential threat Quagga present to state waters and the water-sports so many Californians love.

    To remain proactive about the real threat of Quagga mussels along the Colorado River and into California, watercraft users must help in this effort.

    Quagga can attach to any part of a boat, canoe or other watercraft, which is why it is so critical that watercraft users inspect vessels each time they are taken out of a waterway. If the hull feels like sandpaper, it's likely the mussels are attached.

    Vessels with mussels on the hull experience increased drag and decreased performance. In infested waters, Quagga have caused steering equipment jams and increased engine overheating by nearly 50 percent.

    Water distribution systems also face increased hardships when mussels clog pipes and pumps, decreasing water flow and costing millions in continual clean-out and maintenance.

    Though confined to water environments, Quagga mussels have been known to travel in buckets, on plant material, in livewells, in engines and on boat hulls, making their transport even trickier to manage. Adults can live five full days out of water in California's climate and even longer if the weather is damp and cool. Boaters must remember to wash not only a boat's exterior, but also the trailer and vehicle. The bilge, hull, livewell and engine must be drained, and plant material must be removed.

    In California, divers first found Quagga in Lake Havasu on Jan. 17. The mussels then established themselves in the Colorado River system infesting the tributaries, lakes and reservoirs it feeds. Recent infestations include San Vicente Reservoir and Lake Dixon in San Diego County. This fast spread is proof that it will take a collaborative effort to make the difference. Please, help ensure that we don't move a mussel.

    For more information visit or call the public toll-free 1-866-440-9530, Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.

    John McCamman, Department of Fish and Game

    Do you have a story, opinion or comment about fishing you'd like to share? FishRap welcomes letters to the editor. Letters are subject to editing and should not be more than 500 words. Submissions should be e-mailed to or sent to FishRap Editor, 17782 Cowan, Suite A, Irvine, CA 92614.

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