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    How do I remove the hood cover?

    I am trying to change the front nose "grill" on a 2007 RXP. I want to replace the black one with a chrome piece. I removed the screws and clips from the existing grill, but there are two more screws in the very front and they are not accessible. Two Sea Doo dealers have told me that I need to remove the hood entirely, but from looking at it, I don't see how that will help. It seems that the yellow top of the hood cover needs to be removed from the black storage compartment cover underneath. There are several screws that I have removed, but it still will not come off. It seems like there are several clips, and somehow it needs to slide forward to come off, but it doesn't want to budge. Has anyone every done this before and could provide some help?


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    remove all the small screws on the under side of the hood,
    remove the 2 bolts that hold the hood latch,
    two bolts toward the front inside the small storage bucket,
    then remove the plastic hose on each side and there are 2 large screws under each hose.

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    Thanks a million NCRXP. I figured it out! And the chrome looks awesome, by the way.

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    RXP Chrome Hood parts

    Where can I get those for my 07 RXP?

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