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Thread: Dog Lovers!

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    Dog Lovers!

    Im curious as to what everyone uses to treat thier dogs for fleas and what they use to prevent reinfestation? I have 3 dogs a Jack Russell, Lab, and a boxer.

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    Frontline Top Spot

    10yrs and fleas...ever.

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    Deisel fuel. Three drops between the shoulder blades.

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    advantage has always worked good on our labs

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    I've never used anything. In 14 years never had a single flea, (currently have 4 dogs) untill I moved to a neighboorhood of lower quality. Neighboors were infested, they attacked my dogs. I ended up treating neighboors and mine with frontline advantage for 1 summer, next summer they were gone.

    That stuff is very dangerous for dogs I'd recommend having it on hand incase your dogs get's fleas but never just use it for protection. Vets have a vested interest in selling you all kinds of crap for your dogs even if it kills them or makes them sick. Even if your dog does get fleas in 24 hours they are dead even if they are in your carpet, bedding or whatever. That stuff fucks them up bad!

    Good luck.
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