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    Question Jet boat newbee-speedster 98/99???

    Hi-As in the title, im new to the jet boat scene-Im pretty keen on getting a Speedster 98/99 style as i like the layout with the 4 seats for the family/friends. Is there anything to look out for with these boats,and is there much difference in performance/reliability between the twin 85hp/110hp engines.
    Also-does anyone know what the shipping costs are from US to UK as im probably going to import one.
    Thanks,-Great forum BTW

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    Any advice is welcome.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Easyrider View Post
    Any advice is welcome.
    I have a 99 speedster with twin 800's and port engine is blown to @@@ and back from faulty oil advice is to DC the oil injection and mix your gas yourself,me and this is my personal opinion I use amsoil interceptor oil with premium fuel make sure carbs are set correctly for your altitude and most of all make sure you have two very good tachometers so you can sync. those engines right....this will be very important.....IMO ...

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    Thanks.Thats deffinately somthing i will be looking at.

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    I have a '99 Speedster SK with the twin 720s.

    I think the major difference between the 85 and 110 engines is the 110s have the rave valves.

    I can't provide you any opinion as to whether that is a benefit or not because I don't have any experience with them.

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