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    2007 Speedster Speedometer

    My 2007 SeaDoo Speedster SCIC, speedometer has always shown lower than actual speed. I've seen some suggestions to caulk around the area of the sending unit that is not flush with the hull.

    I am thinking about either;
    a) Cutting away the non flush plastic on the sending unit
    b) Re mounting entire unit higher. (Would require new holes to be drilled into the hull)

    Anyone have any thoughts on this or other countermeasures?


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    The root cause is water flowing through the area that is not flush, disrupting the spin of the sensor's spinner. Your ideas will cause other problems and probably not fix the issue. Take some Permatex "The Right Stuff" black gasket maker and simply fill in the void at the bottom between the sensor and the hull, and your speedometer will suddenly be fairly accurate. Mine was 10mph low before, and after, nearly dead-on with the GPS, at most sometimes 2mph above the GPS at top speed.

    Only fill the void, and do not get it too close to the speedo's spinner. The stuff is black like the sensor, and afterwards you'll never know it's there.
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    Also i know some owners had to get the boat to the dealership to get the speedometer adjusment not know if that applies only to the analog gauges.

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    Only the analog gauges have an adjustment screw on them. Luckily the digital on the '07's is accurate, if you can get the sensor spinning unabated.

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    Thanks - Worked just as you said. Went from low 50's to mid 60's on the gauge.

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    Mid-60's?!? Are you running close to that... and if so, what are your mods? Mine will read 60 when I'm GPS'n about 58.5mph (which is going downwind for me). If you're really far off on the upside now, you can redo it, and maybe use less stuff?

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    No mods other than 14/19 Solas and ride plate holes filled. Light chop, small tailwind, low gas, and a little tailwind. Doubt if I'm really running that speed, however at least it's off on the high side now.

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    Russ Man,
    What RPM's are you turnin at full throttlle?

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    Could you post a picture of how you applied the permatex. I would like to make sure I am doing it right thanks


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    My first attempt was with clear silicone (first picture), and although it worked, the silicone didn't stay on for long. It allowed me to test the theory before putting the more permanent stuff on, though.
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