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    Exclamation AWA Alert

    AWA Rider Alert. Federal Boating Permits For PWC?

    Your AWA has been educating you over the past few months on a classic case of ‘government gone wild’ via the implementation of “Federal Boat Pollution Permits.”

    Your voice needs to be heard on this issue Tomorrow!

    The Problem: For 34 years, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has exempted the normal discharges of recreational boats from the Clean Water Act permit system. In a recent suit brought by environmental groups intending to address ballast discharges from large seagoing merchantmen, the court, in a bizarre twist, determined to make federal permits applicable to all recreational boats, including PWC. The EPA is required by the court order to develop and implement by September 30, 2008, a national permit system for ALL vessels in the United States for a variety of normal operational discharges including normal deck run off from rain, and engine coolant water!

    What does it mean to you? When the permit system becomes a reality, you will be required to pay for a permit for each of your boats, in each state that you plan to operate in. For example, if your ride takes you across state lines, you would need to apply for, pay for and receive permits from each state. The EPA will be monitoring your deck runoff, bilge water, and engine cooling water.

    Extra Bad Part: Under the provisions of the Clean Water Act, any person can sue you for violating it’s provisions: For example, that self appointed do-gooder who thinks they own the entire lake, can actually use the Clean Water Act to sue PWC owners unless you purchase an annual permission slip to ride from the EPA. This also opens up an entire new way to be stopped on the water by law enforcement. The police have far more important laws to enforce than harassing boaters for doing the exact same thing you’re currently doing today: Riding!

    Keeping our waterways clean and preventing the spread of invasive species is of utmost importance to the future of boating. However, taking a complex permitting system designed for industrial dischargers and applying it to recreational boats will not yield significant environmental benefits, but it will come at a very high cost…to you.
    Requiring recreational boaters to purchase a permit will not prevent the spread of invasive species. It also means new taxes: New Enforcement schemes: New Government agencies to oversee the program: The requirement to purchase a different permit for each state you ride in!

    We need you to call tomorrow! The hearing is Thursday, September 27 at 2:30 p.m. EST.
    Urge your Senator to support the Nelson Amendment to S. 1578

    Take Action Now: Call your U.S. Senator, and ask them to support the Nelson Amendment to S.1578. Under this amendment, all normal discharges from all recreational vessels would remain exempt from federal permits. The common sense Nelson Amendment, sponsored by Senator Bill Nelson of Florida will help to keep boating simple, safe, and affordable for Americans. The Capitol Switchboard can be reached at 202-224-3121

    If you live in California, it’s particularly critical that you contact Senator Boxer’s office and ask her to adopt the Nelson Amendment. She can be reached at:

    If you live in the following states, please contact you Senator as they serve on the Senate Commerce Committee. These are key votes.

    Vice Chairman Ted Stevens Alaska (202)224-3004
    Senator John McCain Arizona (202)224-2235
    Senator Mark Pryor Arkansas (202)224-2353
    Senator Barbara Boxer California (202)224-3553
    Senator Thomas Carper Delaware (202)224-2441
    Chairman Daniel Inouye Hawaii (202)224-3934
    Senator David Vitter Louisiana (202)224-4623
    Senator Olympia J. Snowe Maine (202)224-5344
    Senator John F. Kerry Massachusetts (202)224-2742
    Senator Amy Klobuchar Minnesota (202)224-3244
    Senator Trent Lott Mississippi (202)224-6253
    Senator Claire McCaskill Missouri (202)224-6154
    Senator John Ensign Nevada (202)224-6244
    Senator John Sununu New Hampshire (202)224-2841
    Senator Frank Lautenberg New Jersey (202)224-3224
    Senator Byron Dorgan North Dakota (202)224-2551
    Senator Gordon Smith Oregon (202)224-3753
    Senator Jim De Mint South Carolina (202)224-6121
    Senator John Thune South Dakota (202)224-2321
    Senator Kay Bailey Hutchinson Texas (202)224-5922
    Senator Maria Cantwell Washington (202)224-3441
    Senator John D. Rockefeller West Virginia (202)224-6472

    Live Free. Think Free. Ride Free.
    The American Watercraft Association
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    What happened with this??????

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    Quote Originally Posted by jpack View Post
    What happened with this??????
    AWA member. So Cal, we were informed and voiced out and acted ASAP. It pays to be a member of AWA......Jammer 1 AWA, always fighting for your rights to ride free. There is Power in #'s.........FREEDOM TO RIDE ! Please support AWA. Thanks!
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