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    Q: & A: About gas prices ?

    Ok if crude oil prices go up gasoline prices do the same.....Why is that ?

    Maybe I dont know enough about oil and how its used in making gasoline but....

    Q: What color is crude oil ?
    A: Dark Black like black ink

    Q: What color is gasoline ?
    A: Cristal clear like bottled water

    Now tell me this....How much dark black crude oil can be used when making cristal clear gasoline ?

    Just throwing that out there...Like I said maybe cuz I dont know much about gasoline or how its made but this ran through my head and really had me thinking

    Cuz its kinda hurting the pocket book to be putting about 75$ of 93oct in the Jetski for a good long day of hard rideing on my Ultra 250x and then putting gas in the truck to tow the Jetski to the lake
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    Well if I remember right the oil is filtered heating it up in a big long tube.... This could be wrong, I could be thinking of some other gases.

    But the oil is in the bottom, everything is heated. The heavier gasses will only go up so far and filter out to the side. Then the lighter ones to the top. So out of a barrel of crude they get way more than just gas we use in cars, trucks, boats, ect..

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    i think i saw on modern marvels that they can get about 45% gas out of a barrel of crude, ,, but our TX oil boyz can definately answer your question. . .BILLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Well that answers my question thanks.....Next where do babies come form ?

    Lol no no no.....Dont answer that one !!!!

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