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Thread: new ski or used

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    Question new ski or used

    my dad wants to buy skis that are left over and not the ones that are used cause he dosent kno if someone beat the crap out of them. give me your opinions on buyin new or old skis, and which one is better

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    mine is used and for sale and was treated very well from day one, 07 rxt,$9900, but it is like any vehicle you have to go look at it and see how "used it is"..and how it was maintained and all.. i have no problem buying used if it was well taken care of and the $$$ difference is enough over new and there is still some warr. left on the vehicle in case something goes wrong.. jmo.. good luck

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    some good deals can be had if you do your homework, good luck on finding one and your gonna love it when you do

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    you have to have an eye when looking for a used one.......I recently purchased one which looked good in photos and had low hours.....I drove a long way to get it....once I got there the outside was in good shape but I forgot to INSPECT the motor I wish that I wish I never even tried to buy it..........look to see how clean the hull is inside....the cleaner it is the less likely it's had problems before.......look at the hook used to pull the motor out to see if its scarred...... if it is theres probably been something serious thats happened.......look at the bolts on the engine to see if they've been wrenched on before. Ask lots of questions to the seller....some people sell just cause they need the cash.....and some people sell cause they have a piece of crap and don't want to own it anymore......I would advise buying a leftover new 07 this winter when the dealerships are desperate.

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    My take on this is, if you enjoy wrenching sure used is an option. But with it being the end of the season in the Nor East, except for a small handful of peeps, dealers will soon be needing the floor space and yard space for snow mobiles.

    Some dealers are blowing the skis out. If you can't find any in your and dealer is pretty cool they can pull up a run list and assist you in finding a ski.
    What I did with my truck and 2 jetskis is email a bunch of dealers tell them my interests and let the feeding frenzy commence.
    Each time I have gotten excellent results. You will quickly be able to see who the sharks are and who the good shops are.
    This last purchase of an 07 RXT the gentleman called, asked what I was interested in, explained a couple of things, what he had in inventory and the deal was closed.
    My philosophy is provide the dealers with plenty of info to show you are serious. if they want your business they will find me. Some dealers werer a little higher and jsut counldnt match the price and were very cool.

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    I would go new. This year my girlfriend and I bought a SeaDoo, as did 2 of our friends. We bought new, they bought used. They paid thousands of dollars less than us, but one of them (a GTI like ours) never ran as well and isn't as fast. Today the dealer said there's no compression on one cylinder. So basically, it's going to cost them more than us in the long run once that engine is rebuilt/replaced. The other friend lost his VTS and his hull keeps filling up with water. He's also got no warranty.

    If you buy used, be sure to have the craft inspected WELL. Even if you spend hundreds of dollars inspecting skis you don't buy, it's still cheaper than ending up with a dud. Remember, how do you drive these things? Let's be honest - you beat on them. I wouldn't go near anything where the owner doesn't have full maintenance records.

    If you buy new, you have peace of mind, YOU know how it was maintained, and you can even buy the extra 4 year warranty for pretty cheap.

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    Water test any used ski. Take someone with you that knows that particular ski.

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