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    Question 2003 GTX Performance enhancements??

    We are not new to boating, but are new to jet skis. We are thinking about buying a 2003 GTx with 155 hp. We are not comfortable with the supercharged Sea Doos since they seem less than reliable out of the box. What are the best bolt on performance enhancements you all would recommend? I am not looking at diggin into the engine, only pump and hull bolt ons.
    I searched the forum, but mostly the threads are about supercharged versions and enhancing those.
    Thanks all!!!
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    Alex, there really aren't any bolt on performance mods for that ski.
    The Riva intake grate for GTX/RXT will fit. You could always fabricate your own cold air intake, but you are extremely limited on what you can do to a naturally aspirated ski.

    If performance is something you're after you should consider getting a supercharged ski and simply installing metal clutch washers.

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    Dont be scared of the sc aslong as you do the metal washers and ceramic bearings youll have hunderds of trouble free hours 4-techs are actualy pretty reliable even in there sc form except for the metal washers and ceramic bearings.

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    thanks for the info!! There are just so many posts about the horrendous reliability of the supercharger even on a stock ski, that it really makes me wonder. Simple things like catching air or water ingenstion potential ruining the SC makes me worried.
    Is the washer switchout easy to do? The bearing switch probably needs an expert doing it, right? Can the SC be sent in to soemone for the upgrades?

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    you can send your super charger to jerry he'll do it, give him a call when your ready.

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    Don't forget that the '03 GTX SCs have metal washers, the '04-07 SCs and SC/ICs have ceramic washers and the '08 SC/ICs will be equipped with titanium-coated metal washers. The worst that can happen to metal washers, is that they can slip, causing a loss of boost and performance. The worst than can happen with ceramic washers is catastrophic engine failure... Ron

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