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    Hoses on stock hood cracked.

    The little useless hoses that run down the side of my hood are cracked and getting holes in them. It's only cosmetic but would like to do something about it. Has anyone else had this problem. Should I buy stock pieces or is there something else I can put in there to fill the space?

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    There just plastic flexi hose get some new ones from hardware store,they pull out with clips on the underneath,

    maybe try a new colour

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    "Sump Pump Hose" From any local hardware store.......

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    i bought my 06 1 year used, and one of the hoses was cracked, the dealer was able to replace it. If you know a dealer in your area they will probably be able to hook you up, i'm assuming it's not that expensive of a part. they just pull right out.

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