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    Wear Ring, Stainless Steel ???

    I need a new Wear ring (pump house) ... for my gp1200r

    Witch should i go for ?

    What about this one ?

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    I put one of those years ago in my SUV never had another issue. The down side to it is the weight. Several members have gone to the Plastic liners. They are easily replaced when damaged and a lot less money up front. I have seen them for sale on ebay and at Island racing.

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    So Plastic liner is the best choice ?

    No effect loss or something like that ? What about the oem... ?

    Plastic better then oem ?

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    Its all personal preference.

    I run the plastic liners so that I can change them myself and not be down for a long period of time. I carry an old OEM one in case I ever have to change one on the ramp. I think the housing with the plastic liner is $189.00 from Island and the replacement ring is only $35.00.

    If you run in creeks, etc. that always have stuff floating in them I would say go OEM or the Riva stainless.

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