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    mods and upgrades for rxp

    I am gettin the rxp 215 hp one. what imideitate mods should i get. someone metioned washers. im new to seadoos. so what are those?? thanks

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    i know that this is a stupid question but.. how long do u break it in for. and how do u do it. is it by going half throttle

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    The washers are your SC clutch washers. Swap the stockers out asap.

    Re break in...vary the rpms through the entire range. Don't stay at wot for any real length of time. 10hrs or so...then oil change ect.

    Have a blast.

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    2007 models or OLDER will need the METAL washers changed and the CERAMIC washers taken out but if its a 2008 RXP next spring u wont need to touch it! just do like i will ona NEW RXP-X and RIDE IT LIKE U STOLE IT!

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