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    02 STX 1100 DI leak at drive shaft

    Started taking on water where the drive shaft goes through the hull.
    Dealer repaired ($800) by pulling engine (I think) and slathering on a lot of black sealant.
    Leaked a few weeks later, dealer repaired again (free) with a different white epoxy.
    Leaked again a few weeks later, dealer repaired again (free, plus loaner jetski) with same white epoxy but kept out of water 7+ days to fully cure.
    It's been a few weeks, no leak yet but I'm concerned about next season.

    Dealer tells me that the epoxy (rather than a mechanical seal) is a Kawasaki thing. Can anyone shed a little light on that(like is it true)? Anyone have any experience with this sort of leak? Can anyone steer me to a shop manual that would detail making a repair like that? pulling engine? Is there any "aftermarket kit" that would make a mechanical seal like the stuffing box on my inboard? Could something be loose / misaligned that's causing the epoxy to fail?

    I'm mechanically inclined, have worked on my cars / boats but know little about jetskis (I've never owned one, this is actually my brother's). He's leaning toward trading it in but they're only offering $2000 for it. I'm considering buying it from him. If the epoxy holds, great. If not, I may pursue the dealer for a refund of the $800 and try to fix it myself.

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    They should have put in a new carrier bearing, seals and holder. If the mounting surface of the hull was good and clean then silacone should have sealed it up. Epoxy there would make it a b!#@h to get it off again. The book I have for the 1100 stx says nothing about using sealant on the holder. The bolts are tightened after the engine is reinstalled which should force it to align itself. I did my 98 1100 and used silacone no leaks on mine.

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    replace bearings and seals in carrier it will align it self when you tighten the carrier up after engine is in

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    Take a look on pwctoday, there is a guy there that repaired this completely and has a great write up

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    Time for a serious discussion with the owner of your dealership. They obviously don't know what they're doing.

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