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    SC question to dealer

    So I called my dealer thinking I would get the slip moment on my SC checked and if it was slipping I would get some new washers under warranty. (then wait for Jerry's to come out)

    Here is how the call went
    Kinchyle: I was wondering if it was possible for me to bring in my supercharger to have the slip moment tested. I can go ahead and bring in the SC if that is ok. With the season starting I just want to make sure I'm ok.
    Dealer: Are you having problems ? What model is it ?
    Kinchyle: No problems just would like to make sure. It is a 05 RXT. I was also wondering if it was possible I could purchase the 2006 oem upgrade.
    Dealer: If you aren't having problems I wouldn't waste the money. You would know if your SC is slipping. You would loose 10-15 mph. The 2005 model was already changed for the updated clutch.
    Kinchyle: ok thanks

    I guess my dealers aren't so knowledgable... or is it just me.

    Should I have them check the clutch slippage. How much do you think they would charge ? Isn't it just putting on a torque wrench ?

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    see if Jerry will do it for ya. Throw a couple bucks his way and send it to him.

    My dealer is much the same. I just want to bang my head against the wall when talking to them

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    bang your head against the wall? why would anyone do that?

    If you feel you're capable of doing it, you can buy a good inch pound torque wrench and check it yourself for about what the dealer would charge you to check it.

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    Just wait until the metal washers are available and replace them then.

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    You could have lied a little.

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    Well we went thru the same stuff kinda with our 03 limited's but we had the letter come down from sea-doo on ours. If it is still under warranty like the others said need to fib a little bit and tell them you are losing rpm's or not maintaining your top end speed. Good Luck HA HA HA

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