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    HELP on diagnostic memory reset on my f-12x

    Hi guys, I really need your help on my 2004 honda f12x. How do I reset the diagnotic memory on my 2004 honda. i used to have a 2002 model and there is a 2 piun connector where you use a jumper connector but in the 2004 there is a 4 pin connector colored red. Is it there where i can reset the diagnostic memory of my 2004 ski? I am basing on the 2002 service manual is there any difference on the 2004 model? hanks guys.

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    Here is the info you seek.....

    Quote Originally Posted by NitroShark View Post
    it depends on your ski and year.

    as an example:

    2 wire 02 F12x is Brown and green with a Black tracer

    4 wire 04 R12x is same but adds for Honda service tool info

    There is a plug you can buy for the service connector also.. the Ghetto method is to short the Brown and green with a Black tracer and just use the stock dash to read the codes.



    I found it in this post. You might want to check it out for more info.

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    rodney, thank you very much. i will do this and il let you kow what happened. Thank you very much.

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