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    Question about this wear ring/worried about Riva grate ripping out

    Hey guys,

    I've got a few questions for everybody. Originally I was logging on to post a pic of my wear ring and ask you guys about it, so let's get to that first...

    Today I did the full winterize on our 2007 GTI SE 155. I also installed our new Riva intake grate. Yes, Riva makes one for the 06/07 GTI! I haven't seen anybody on here with one yet, but if it's as good as you guys say the RXP/RXT one is, I can't wait for next season! I also re-did BRP's shitty silicone job between the ride plate/intake grate/hull etc. I filled the intake grate holes with silicone and JB welded the ride plate holes, and did the reverse bucket mod. I pulled the pump and found considerable damage to the wear ring:

    Sorry about the terrible quality, it's from my phone, the only camera I have. You should still be able to see the scoring on one half of the ring, and you can feel a good ridge as you move your finger from the scored part to the good part.

    I'm still a Seadoo newbie (but learning!) and was wondering if this much damage could cause a significant loss of RPM and speed. Early in the season, we were pulling 7200-7400 RPM and an easy 64-65 MPH (speedo, GPS 61) but the last few times out RPMs were down to around 7000 and a one time max of 61 on the speedo, with more constant 58-59.

    I was also wondering what to do with this ring. I'm asuming it's too damaged for the JB weld trick, and since you can see the damage is to a little more than half of the ring, should I bother flipping it around or is that a waste of time? I guess I've gotta replace it, but Jerry's store only lists up to 06... the picture looks right, can anyone confirm that the 06 and 07 GTI have the same ring? Does anybody know if there is a stainless steel ring for the GTI? And what are your thoughts on the SS rings? Aren't they just defeating the purpose of having the wear ring in the first place? (Hey, I told you I had questions! )

    Now, back to the grate... I was about to post my wear ring pestering when I stumbled upon Shibby's thread about his Riva grate ripping out of the pump shoe. This isn't the first thread I've seen on here talking about the problem, either. How common a problem is this? I'm all worried now! If the grate is going to affect the reliability of the ski, I might sell it and put the stock one back on. Tell me it isn't so, guys!

    One last thing for anyone who cares... replacing the wear ring on the 07 GTI is easy! It's got a plastic pump and wear ring, but the freezer trick still worked wonders. My girlfriend held on to the pump and I pulled the ring straight out easily with 2 pairs of vice grips. Talk about teamwork! Just remember that there are FOUR screws that hold it in! Don't forget the two hidden ones under a peice of plastic... not that I did or anything...

    Thanks guys!

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    They all get like that after a season. 45 Bucks. Change it or flip it around.

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    Quote Originally Posted by drunken sailor
    ...How common a problem is this? I'm all worried now! If the grate is going to affect the reliability of the ski, I might sell it and put the stock one back on. Tell me it isn't so, guys!
    While I've heard of them coming out...some in a hurry w/ catastrophic's definately happens in the minority. I've got one on an rxt and have pounded the living sht of it in some serious rough issues.

    How well did you put it in?

    What kind of shape were the inserts in when you put on the new grate?

    If you're confident in both of those respects...I'd say you have nothing to worry about.

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    Somebody reasure me about that Riva grate! My inserts were fine and I torqued the bolts properly. I used red threadlocker on the rear bolts and blue on the front big one, as that's what they had on them when I took them out. I'm just all worried now...

    I measured the messed up section of the wear ring, and it's actually exactly 1.5" of the 3" ring (half). Could I just flip it around or would I see better performance with a new ring? I'd love to save a few bucks if I can, especially since it's just gonna wear out anyway.

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    ..crack open that a SS wear ring...put your mind at ease.

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    Drunken sailor, I highly doubt your grate will rip out, I run well over 70 mph and have had no problem for 2 years with one installed........being on a gti i doubt it will get the torture or pressure of one on a RXP

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    My Riva grate did loosen up....the 2 rear bolts/inserts started coming out,but it was nothing dramatic, I just jb welded the inserts back problrms since. btw, i had about 120 hrs on grate when it happened.

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