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    Yay my turn: piston wash pics

    Well I've put about 7-8 hours on this rebuilt motor, and the plug chops are looking alright. I wanted to get some opinions on any minor adjustments I might need to make to ensure this motor lasts a long time. In my opinion I'm thinking the PTO and MAG might need a touch more fuel, perhaps 1/8th of a turn out on my highs. I don't have an accurate picture of the plugs, because they get wet and oily after running on the trailer during a flushing, also reason for the wet looking pistons. It's also worth noting that it's a smoke bomb at idle. Maybe then my lows need to go a touch leaner, and the highs need a touch richer. Overall, ski never gives the slightest hiccup or hesitation, and runs cleanly up to 6400rpm. I appreciate any opinions. Piston wash is a challenging tool to use properly.
    BTW- mag cylinder has headgasket, it was just off at picture time.
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    1/8 maybe a smidge more-0-1/16 if it were mine and then check it one more time but you're sure extremely close.

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    I actually really like the lower picture and I'd leave it like that if it were mine BUT I run a little race fuel.
    Maybe richen like I suggested and see if you lose any RPM, if not leave it a tad rich and a little safer.

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    Sounds good ph2ocraft. Maybe I should get the PTO and Mag somewhere between how they look and how the CEN looks. Then I can just turn the CEN a touch lean to bring it there too.

    Concerning the richness on the lows I'll just enjoy the smoke bomb effect during warmup. After that it's stays from 1/2 to full throttle and doesn't smoke much after running for awhile.

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    Cen. looks great. I would richen up the other two just a tad. It is better to be too rich then blown up..... .

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    those are almost perfect marks

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    I'm gonna stray a bit and say PTO needs a little more fuel, CEN I'd lean a touch, and MAG is perfect. I run only 92 octane or better though, if you run lower octane, maybe try to get the PTO and MAG like the CEN.

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