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    shipping costs??

    Has anyone ever shipped a complete ski packed in a crate from the USA to another country like australia?

    I am very interested in buying a ski or two from the US and getting it shipped here, can it be done and what sort of costs am i lookming at including crating etc...

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    (just a small note I import/export stuff from all over the globe)

    Shipping isnt the problem its the paperwork, and the customs/tax duties.

    I suggest you contact a shipping agent in your country that specilises in transporting motorvehicles, this way its almost like using a currier and its virtually risk free.

    Another option is to buy a % of a container and ship the jetskis, just make sure your paperwork and import license is 100%, else itll get impounded, worse case your looking at a huge fine and/or jail time if your paper work isnt 100% (so called illegal/unauthorised importing).

    Another thing to check is if the local dealers have some sort of arrangement with your government which prevents you from importing products which are sold under license or munufactured/exported from your country. (in south africa, its illegal to import clothes/textiles from china, and motor vehicles from any where.) (gray / dual importing)

    Youll also need to check that the craft (year and model) is allowed to be imported and it conforms and has certifications for your various emission and enviromental laws.

    (we may only export a motor vehicle older than 5 years in south africa and we arnt allowed to import motor vehicles without the authorisation of the government.)

    In south africa, we have to lodge +/- us$15 000 to secure an import license, which they refund once they are satisified with the import.

    Hope this helps.

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