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    951 Rossier head leak, help needed.

    I have a newer model Rossier head with 49 CC domes. It is brand new and I installed it on my rebuilt 951 in my 98 XPL.

    I had a small leak on the top facing the raves so I took it off, put silicone at the o-ring split and reinstalled, properly torqued of course. I had also not properly placed the stud o-rings and they got pinched between the head and block, creating a gap. I pushed the o-rings down so they would not get pinched again. Sure I had solved the problem, I started her up and the freakin leak is still there!

    I used the head gasket that came in the rebuild kit becasue I did not want to lower the squish. The original head was damaged and I wanted to keep it as stock as possible for break in.

    By the way, I did NOT have the new jet for the exhaust pipe, could too much pressure be the issue? If so where do I get the jet and what size do I need?

    Any ideas?
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