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    Catch can install today

    Today I tackled the Riva Catch can install on an RXT.
    The install went relatively smooth with a few minto exceptions.
    First off the images Riva provides is obviously from a modified ski.
    Secondly here it is a list of tool you will need for an RXT(not provided)
    10mm socket or nutdriver to remove the cross section
    8mm deep 1/4 socket
    Torque wrench (didn't use one since I didn't have one)
    3 1 inch hose clamps
    Blue locktite
    magnetized grabber (a must for any job on the jetski)
    Sharp knife to cut the hose to length

    A few notes:
    Again Riva fails to impress me with the accessories included in the kit. The supplied hose is adequate but on par with a good quality garden hose. The block off is a cheap rubbe cover that is too big for the application. It comes with a tie wrap fo secure the block off but I opted for a hose clamp. All the hoses associated with the catch can was secured with a 1 inch hose clamp. probably over kill.

    Off the get go I had a 6,7,9 and 10 deep well socket but no 8mm.
    You can use a shallow well but you will need no more than a 1.5 inch extension.
    Removing the bolts.
    The bolts seemed a little difficult to remove. I ended up using a 3 inch socket extension and taped the shaft with hockey tape for a better grip. Without the tape it is easy to drop the socket extension and that is where the magnetized grabber comes into play.
    In removing/replacing the bolts it is a hell of a lot easier to do the wrenching from the throttle side of the ski. Trust me on this.
    The hose provided is about 12 inches too much. The only recommendation is cut it so the bend is fluid with no kinks. took a couple of cuts.

    All and all it is a very easy install. I think my complications stemmed from not having the right tools on hand and figuring out how to position the body.

    Removal of the bolts and hose took about 25 minutes.
    Installing the catch can, cutting the hose, and putting the ski back together 25 mintues.

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