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    Impeller questions

    Ok, im a dumy when it comes to whats best!
    I can build a motor, but I can't pick an impeller lol

    I have an 02 Virage, soon to be a TXi 1200.
    I am rebuilding my pump as well. I can use my stock impeller off the 1200 genesis, or I can upgrade (what a great time).

    What is a better prop between these three ??

    1. Stock 2000 1200 Genesis DFi, slight ding on 1 blade
    2. Solas PA-SC-I
    3. Solas PA-SC-XII

    I want a good all around impeller, but the pitch and such is greek to me.

    Thanks guys!

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    I'd go to the home pages of Solas and Skat Trak. (Skat makes most of the polaris impellers) See what they recommend for your type of mods and expectations.

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    Personally, I'd PM JetSkiMN and get one of his 2000 OEM Polaris Nujets. The Genesis impeller isn't steep enough for the Virage. The SC-XII is too steep. Polaris did run a Skat made 17/25 on the VirageTX, but it isn't the same as the actual Skat Trak ones...they are slightly different (more rock clearance, different trailing edge).

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    Skat use to make most of the Polaris impellers (early years) but in the later models, NuJet made most of the impellers. To determine what impeller you want to get depends on what you are looking for...each brand has it's own advantages. You stated you want the best all around, in my opinion that would be a NuJet. Reason being is that it's already the best on top end and it can be moddified much easier to make up for what it lacks (out of the hole) compared to the other brands to make it the best all around. If you plan to leave the TXI stock, I would maybe look at the Polaris/Nujet impeller part# 5132202.

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