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    Crankshaft bearings?

    Alright, stupid question number 4!

    On the PTO side, is the bearing an entire unit that slides over the crankshaft, or is there supposed to be a piece on the crank for the balls to roll in?

    Once I get the PTO broken off at the shop (I gave up on that!) I'll try and snap a pic - long story short, the PTO side bearing blew it's guts out and shredded the seals. I'm guessing the crank is salvageable but who knows at this point.

    (if someone has a picture of a bare crank they can post that would help!)

    Sorry for the dumb questions - first time into a 2 stroke engine.

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    Snout with Pressed-in bearing - PTO side

    Bare Snout - MAG side

    Assembled crank - MAG side

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    It's going to the machine shop next week to get the PTO taken off anyway, so I'll have them pull the bearing and put a new one on at the same time.

    gawd one thing after another with this POS.

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    I don't doubt it. Mine was a pain too..

    It'll all be worth it once you get that first ride in.
    From there it's all a dream!

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