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    trick for getting pistons back into head? (1100)

    Yes, my third stupid question in 24 hours

    I'm trying to ge tthe head back on my engine so I can try and get the PTO wheel off (don't ask, I didn't take the head off, someone else did!)

    Is there a trick to getting the pistons back into the cylinders that I'm missing? I tried using a ring compressor, but that doesn't work too well since these go in through the bottom instead of going through the top.

    Thanks in advance....

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    I just did it it wasnt that bad! I placed a block of wood at either end of the case and set the head on it then I start one piston at a time while rotating the crank, I also compress using my fingers as always! Z

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    You can use 3 hose clamps and clamp rings into piston ,but not too tight. Then slide pistons into cyls and remove clamps.

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    If you just need the pistons in so you can remove the flywheel and pto, leave the rings off. Just keep track of them. Any method above works, but I find it easier to start the middle, than the ends because of easier access. Also, a second set of hands helps ALOT!

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    Thanks Guys....I've got bigger issues to contend with first (see my next post)

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