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    F*** busted a piston skirt - how to remove PTO?

    So I'm a moron and tried to wedge my pistons into the case with a block of wood to get the PTO. Figures, it was the brand new piston that hasn't seen ANY use yet... the heck do I get the PTO wheel off to change my crank case seals?

    (EDIT) and's a .75mm over piston which means I can't use the cheap pistons. Damnit...$60 mistake.

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    I pulled the crank assembly with coupler on it, placed the crank in a vise protected it with rags clamped it. and then removed my coupler with a removal tool. I have had some you have to heat the coupler a bit.

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    Thanks Bill for the idea. I might pop the whole thing apart and take it to a shop to have it taken off.

    It is a reverse thread though, correct?

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    Where did you wedge the wood against the skirt ?
    I have never had a problem going in the exhaust port but I never use wood I use an pc from a old set of jeans and fold it over a few times so its just thick enough to not shear off.
    I dont like the wood idea but thats just my 2c worth.

    With jeans I use a leg seam with the stitching its strongest.

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    You can also jam a length of nylon rope through the spark plug hole to lock the piston in place.

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