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    Triple pipe 1200r help.

    I seem to be having a timing issue with my 1200r. I was running a R&D head with 32cc domes. The boat was running fine but I had some issues with the #3 cly. The diaphram in the carb was worn out and holding the N/S open. I rebuilt all the carbs. The boat ran fine on this set up.

    I now have switched back to a RIVA Pro Series head and 37cc domes. I have the advent ignition and am running the D30 block and have it set to yam 67.

    When I tried to start it today it back fired on me, bad. It did this one more time and then started. It runs very rough at idle and if I put it on the hose and run it the #2 pipe is alot hotter than the other two. It seems to have a mis fire, and it seems like its coming from the #2 cly. When it does this the #2 pipe Jumps out of the exhaust manifold(not all the way, about to the 1st or 2nd o-ring).

    I talked to Greg from Advent and he seemed ot think that running the Yam 67 curve shouldnt be a problem, I'm not sure, I've never had this problem with this ski.

    I'm also running a RAD total loss flywheel that was cracked. I had it repaired and a billet cover machined for the hub so it wouldnt crack again. Could this be my problem???? I guess I dont see how it could be. Motor has been pressure tested and has 160-165 psi.

    I can post the rest of my setup or pics if anyone needs them. Thanks in advance!!!

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    Could you have lost a reed in #2 by chance?

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    I would hope not!! New V-force 3's. They have about 5 hrs on a single piper and about 20 min. on my boat.

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    Can you swap ignitions real fast to do a back/back check of your ignition?

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    I wish I could. I dont have the stock ignition. I find it hard to believe its that though. I just ran it about 3 weeks ago on my old set up and had no problems!?!?! I have a funny feeling it has something to do with the flywheel. I really dont want to pull that motor AGAIN!! My stock wheel will be here tomorrow.

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    any other ideas? I'm trying to get a stock box out of my buddys boat and try that first. After that all I can think is to pull the flywheel and put the stocker back on.

    When the flywheel cracked it cracked up the flywheel keyway. After it was repaired I had to take a file and clean out the keyway a little. Could this have thrown the timing off enough to do this.

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    check the wires to the pick ups in the stator cover. Just check it with an omh meter. I'm just thinking maybe the flywheel may have hit one of the pick ups

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    There is only one pick up on the 66v. What I really dont understand is on the stock wheel there is three pick up points and on the RAD I only seem to remember one. When I put everythng back together the other night everything looked good

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    Another thing:

    I was talking to a snowmobile tuner and he said maybe when they did the flywheel repair the magnet was de-polarized and not working properly? Not sure. When I check the spark I seem to be getting really good spark and it's constant. What do you guys think?

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