Today I rode 2 RXTs
07 with the OPAS blocked in the up position
06 with a fully operation OPAS system.

Hundreds of square miles of almost glass, slight chop from cross currents.

Fully operational OPAS.
On the flat there was very little difference in the feel of the ride. As soon as it hit chop and became unhooked upon reentry and hookingthe ski seem to wobble side to side and eventually righting itself.
On the ski unhooks and hooks agian interia is prevelant. Body in motion stays in motion until acted upon external force. Here my body was doing around 55 and wanted to continue doing 55. The ski on the other hand slowed causing the sensation wanting to fly over the handle bars. Then when rehooked threw me back.
OPAS blocked up:
In the chop the breaking sensation discussed in the other thread was present but not nearly as prevelant as with the fully operational OPAS. The wobble noted above was less than with OPAS. If I had to rate the difference Block minumal effect and full OPAS jsut plain annoying and horrible ride.

Turning at high speeds is completely different. With a fully operational OPAS the ski enters the turn and starts a nice carve. Then as the speed reduces the ski snaps and is felt in the shoulders and the body wanting continue in a straight line. This has to be due to the fins dropping down, I am guessing around 30-35.

With the OPAS blocked up turn were smoother with out the snapping feeling the ski is going to rip your arms out to their sockets.

Throttle off situations
Here is where I noticed the biggest difference. With the fully operational OPAS, as soon as the throttle was released I felt I had to hold on tight to prevent me from flying over the bars.
With the OPAS blocked the ski still slowed quickly but did seem to glide better when the ski slowed to aobut 20mph.

Slow speed handling
With the fully operational OPAS handling was a hell of a lot better. The ski was more predictable and reactive.
With the OPAS blocked it took a lot more throttle to turn the beast. Steering was delayed.

I prefer the OPAS being blocked up.

Hope this helps