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    need to rejet with 3* keyway???

    Is there a need to rejet when installing 3* keyway??? Right now my jetting is completely stock. I have d plate, holeshot kit, and keyway. I am hoping I can keep it stock. 2001 GP1200R

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    You really need to rejet the carbs. The timing advance will build more cylinder heat which requires more fuel.

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    what for jetting would I need to run? I really dont even know what stock is. Should I just buy island racings pro carb jet kit? I was just checking that out. Also another question. I ran the ski with the stock jetting during break in till it got kinda sluggish and boggin out then would come back and be normal and pull plugs to see that the middle one looks kinda like it fouled out. But the top of the piston has a burnt round carbon circle on the top which I thought meant a lean condition. How could this be if it is fouling out plugs. The reason I took the head and cylinder of is because I was losing compression in that cylinder becuase is was a used cylinder and I found a ton of slop in the piston to cylinder clearance in the middle of the stroke. I am guessing that would be the reason for fouling???? But could it still be lean if its fouling a plug? This is driving me nuts
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    anybody got any ideas?

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    I'm no carb guru, but I think 1200s run 125 mains and 110 pilot. I'm not sure if keyway changes this

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