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    Seadoo Prices Europe / US

    Hi @ all

    Well its time to change my 04 RXP so today i visit my local seadoo dealer here in austria.

    New RXP price is 16000 = 22000$

    So i call few friends in Las Vegas to check the price by a local seadoo dealer.

    New RXP 215HP for (export outside US) and 10% off : 6500 = 9000$
    Shipping to europe (check self by a german hauliers) : ~1000 = 1400$
    Austrian Customs 5% : ~500 = 700$

    total price for self US import RXP ~8000-9000 = 11000$-12500$

    I buy my next RXP definitly in US.

    Is it true the RXPs are cheaper on the east-coast then on the west-coast?


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    You will have no warranty. I called BRP today to scream about the price differences, and mentioned how people are buying in the US. They said even if a US citizen buys it for you and sells it to you, you will have no warranty once the ski leaves the US.
    Maybe they are BSing me but that what they told me.

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    I think i do not need any kind of warranty.

    Engine parts i can have from Rotax direct. My home is 20km from Rotax company and few friends are working there.
    Electronic stuff is from Siemens and i work for Siemens.

    So i think the warranty is not really a problem for me.

    My biggest problem actually is to buy a RXP or RXT

    Does any one know the price difereces in the US?
    I call a dealer in NY they want 11000$ for a RXP to make them rady for shipping outside US.
    And other dealer want 9100$ for a RXP


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    i am from the UK and want to import from the USA. which dealer in new york did you contact. i would appreciate the contact.

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