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    3 questions for those in the know...

    Yeah, I'm new here and a novice on my ski.

    When the time came to buy a toy I couldn't understand why anyone would want less than the most powerful available....

    1-Now it going to be worth my time, effort and money to get it "a little bit" faster?

    2-Would a "Riva 05-06 RXT/GTX-SC Stage 1 Kit" improve my '05 RXT's overall performance enough so that realistically speaking, I could get another 5-7 mph out of her?

    3-With the exception of adding a new group/class of overpriced performance boats to the list of those I can already outrun, can you physically tell the difference between 65 and 70mph?


    ...aside...I just love the look on the faces of those who shelled out 40-50K for a "speed boat" while edging past them on a ski costing much less.

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    2-3 more MPH is more realistic with much better accleration.

    Yes, the difference from 65 to 70 MPH is very noticeable.

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    u'll get the 5-7 ur looking for with a Riva stage 2 kit.... with a stage 2 and some minor really really cheap mods, u'll be at 72+ easily and yes, u will know and feel that you are going that much faster

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    Thanks guys.

    Looks like I got some saving up to do.

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