i figured i should do my part around here for anyone who hasnt installed it yet, it is very easy,

step 1: obviously take the engine cowling off

step 2: remove 13mm bolt at top of the front engine mount

step 3: remove both 6mm allen head bolts at the bottom of each side of
the mount

step 4: you have to options here, if you have an extra set of hands have a friend hold up on the exhaust manifold, it is about 40 pounds to hold up the front of the engine, if an extra hand isnt avaliable, take a block of wood and prop the engine

step 5: remove oem mount, leave shim in place

step 6: install in reverse order

i knwo its extremely simple but i saw some people talking about it thinking about needing cherry pickers or some kind of hoist and i just wanted to clear it up, i actually did it without a block opf wood, it kinda busts your ass just holding the engine with 1 hand and doing the mount with the other but it can be done that wat too