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    Major Maintenance Tips!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    im gettin my new SeaDoo next year and i was just wondering; what do you have to do (maintenance wise) to keep a SEADOO lasting as long as possible... e.g.- 10hr inspection, when do u have to change oil?, cleaning?, etc..........just make a HUGE list for me pleez

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    10 hour service, By the way, that 10 hours seems forever and your not suppose to go full thottle, but I fail to meet the person who hasn't...

    Oil change every year, unless you ride more than 50 hours per year

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    I change my oil every 25 hrs. oil filter every 50. Oil changes have got to be the most important factor in making the ski last... specially since you will already have metal Sc washers.

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